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MenuMax is a simpler way to increase profits by managing recipes and food costs.

  • Increase your profit by ensuring that every item on your menu is priced appropriately. 
  • Meet consumer demand and comply with menu labeling laws by calculating nutritional content. 
  • Ensure quality by capturing the details needed to monitor consistent production. 
  • Prevent waste by keeping an accurate inventory.

MenuMax is your 24 hour online Kitchen Tool

  • Food Costing based on the products you buy
  • Nutrition Analysis for your recipes
  • Menus that show food cost and nutrition
  • Inventory customized to your kitchen

View nutrition details and food costs based on your recipes and menu items

  • Experiment with new recipes and adjust pricing to your ideal food cost percentage
  • Remove low-performing items from your menu to improve profitability
  • Create detailed nutrition labels for every item on your menu
  • Reports for Menu Engineering and Nutrition Analysis

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